About Us

I’m working with laser technology since 1989. Later in 1995 I founded the company called "Prolaser Ltd". Due to continuous development, challenges and good partnerships, today we can provide demanding and high quality service for our customers. We have a wide range of facilities such as color coherent, spectra lasers and RGB DPSS lasers as well. We create our laser shows using the designer program from Pangolin, using color laser technology on different screens such as motor driven screens, tulle or water screen if needed. Our technology, systems and solutions with our shows can be used on a wide range as a complementary element to concerts, dance shows, exhibitions or any other event both inside and outside. We also recommend our shows for opening ceremonies, company events, parties, receptions, anniversaries, weddings or just to improve the quality of any event. When requested, we can include pyrotechnics, flame effects, light effects and even dancers. The most important for us is that You as existing or new customer can always count on us and we are here your service. Your trust and satisfaction is our top priority.

Sandor Wenszky

Our strategy



We do believe that our quality work will result in recommendation for others. Therefore, we do our best that during the provided service, you as our customer to be 100% satisfied and request us for your next project or recommend us to your partners.



Each guarantee is only as good as the issuer of such. We at Prolaser are working under the same company regulation since 1995. Our employees have decades of experience in their area of expertise and is no coincidence why we select our partners and providers with robust background who already proved their expertise and quality.


Customer focus

Our team is very energetic, flexible and always adaptable to the customer needs and expectations. Every task we need to resolve we take as a challenge not as a problem. Is much more important for us to focus on satisfied, returning customer instead of profit maximization. Having this in focus, we always recommend the service which best fit your event and not the most expensive for our profit. If you are a returning customer it means more deal for us, not only one big which can affect the reputation as well.