Services Overview


Imagine a stage with 10-20 laser device on it. But what is behind this setup? We discuss the requirements with the artists or their visual designers so we can deliver personalized and customized laser shows as needed. Our setup is rider ready which means we can support and carry out any production using timecode or live method.


We are getting many requests from different artists to complement their existing program with laser show for one or more track. These requests are mainly pop, rock and electronic genre from around the world and Hungary, however we have created several for classical music as well.

Laser beam show

We place the spectacle on the music. Imagine, how the different geometrical elements encompass the guests. Their color, mood and form are presented and live together in harmony with the music. Sometimes gently caress, sometimes bouncing around or creating a pronounced effect.

Laser graphics show

Displaying information with lasers on any surface. We draw the contour figures and design a full story behind them. Usually we work with vector graphics or 3D inputs made available for us or draw and design the full picture from scratch. It can be a picture or a full animated story we can project to opera film, water screen or even to house wall as needed.


It was our honor that we were the first in Hungary who used flame machines and presented the first flame show composed on music. We own dozens of flame machines including the DMX controlled Flamaniacs which are the most preferred and popular ones on the sport and music festivals.

Water screen

Special display surface or decoration is required? Under certain conditions it is one of the most spectacular attraction. When the light appears on water drops always has a special effect and impression on the public. The inside setup use upper powered, the outside setup use bottom powered water screen. Permanent program: at the fountain in front of the Nagyerdei stadium in Debrecen, between spring and autumn during evenings, we extended the movie projected to the water screen with laser animation, to further increase the overall experience of the public.

3D Visualization

In case of need we create a 3D visualization for you, so if you want to see the show before the live event you have this possibility as well.


In case of need we help you with the creation of technical specification, design, implementation and support of a system. If you have any question or need help regarding the laser safety, please feel free to contact us.


RGB Laser Systems

The laser developer and manufacturer. Since 2000, this company develop and produce quality laser products for the entertaining industry starting from Disney till Japan. As exclusive distributor in Hungary we are ready to provide more information about the products or answer your questions.



Since 1986 this company has positioned as a world leader in the industry by providing software and hardware solutions to the laser light show and entertainment industries. Please feel free to contact us as primary distributor of the world class and most modern control system solution manufacturer company.



Since 1980, the inventors of the atmospheric haze manufacture the best quality and most durable fog generator machines. Is getting more and more widespread and used in our country as well. As exclusive distributor in Hungary we are ready to provide more information about the products or answer your questions.



Since 1978, the Cambridge Technology designs, develops, and manufactures innovative laser beam steering - i.e. scanner - solutions. Usually we provide 30Kpps and 60Kpps speed (@40deg, 3mm) scanners, however you can find many other products as well. As Cambridge distributor, we can help you to find the right scanner for your needs.