Scope of work

We design and implement laser shows for a wide range of national and international clients in the entertainment industry. Our main wide scope of activities involves the preparation of festivals, parties, weddings, receptions, product displays, exhibitions, concerts, fashion-shows and extra varieties. We also take part in TV and movie productions while we don’t forget about the discos either. If our clients require, we create 3D visualization, laser beam show, animations, special effects, pictures or logos according to their demands. The shows are designed and carry out in compliance with the customer’s needs by utilizing the full available technical possibilities.
When we design the laser beam show we always focus to have it in harmony with the music. Our independent internal – external open-air water-screen productions, show elements with special effects are getting more and more popular and we recommend to your attention.

Awards - The second best in the world

ILDA 2010, Miami

After long persuasion from William R. B. Jr. we decided to take part on the world laser competition with one of our production created for a Hungarian conference. Our philosophy is to create rather than compete. However, we need to admit that we were really glad about the decision of the jury by selecting us the second-best laser beam show designer in the world. Thank you for the recognition.